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Handcrafted Dreamcatchers by Mae

Authentic, handcrafted dreamcatchers.
Everyone dreams, when you purchase and hang your dreamcatcher, the goal is to capture your dreams. BearlandersTradingCo.com is always looking for the finest quality merchandise for our retail sites, including dreamcatchers. We are very pleased to have found the American Indian artist Mae who is from the Navajo (Dine`) tribe. Mae is pictured here in front of the house where she grew up, it is located on the Navajo reservation. Mae has done an excellent job crafting original & unique dreamcatchers, each one will differ slightly in the color of the feathers and beads and each is shipped with a certificate of authenticity as well as the spiritual meaning which we list below.

Dreamcatchers by Mae.
Mae's Grandmother taught Mae how to create her artwork and how to craft some of the most beautiful dreamcatchers in the America marketplace. Mae's Grandmother was born in 1899. Our dream catchers come in a variety of sizes and colors. They are available at affordable prices and make wonderful gifts for friends and family, as well as for yourself. Dream catchers offered by Bearlanders are handcrafted by members of a Navajo family and include a certificate of authenticity and explanation of their spiritual meaning.

Dream Catcher legend.
A dream catcher is a Native American good luck talisman reputed to bring good dreams. A knot, or "mistake," is intentionally woven into each dream catcher to trap any bad dreams. It is believed that each carefully woven web will catch your dreams in the night. The bad spirit dreams will get caught in the web and disappear through the hole in the center of the web. Any bad dreams left in the web will be trapped by the beads (Called prayer beads) and burned up from the web. The good spirit dreams will find their way to the center of the dream catcher and float down the sacred feather. The good dreams will then rise up to the Great Spirit with the morning sun.

American Indian Dream Catchers.
The story of the dream catcher has been passed down through generations in many American Indian tribes. The exact origin is unknown, but the story often features Spider Woman and how she brings the sun back to earth every morning. The original American Indian dream catchers were woven from a piece of willow branch, sinew, and a feather. The size, shape, and components of dream catchers were sometimes different, taking into account the diversity of regions and tribes. Today, our dream catchers are crafted using a durable metal ring wrapped with high quality leather, then beads and feathers are added.

Dream catchers are traditionally hung over the head of the bed. While sleeping, good dreams will pass through to the dreamer and bad dreams will get stuck in the web of the dream catcher. Though details differ, the basic folklore of the dream catcher, to capture and pass good dreams on to its owner, has stayed the same over centuries and across thousands of miles.

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The Dreamcatcher

Why buy Dreamcatchers made in America?
All dream catchers sold on this site are made in America. The American Indians are the original creator of dreamcatchers and while many others, including Chinese, Japanese, Mexicans just to name a few, have copied the American Indian dreamcatcher to make a profit, the American Indian dream catcher is still considered the highest quality. You can find cheap dreamcatchers all over the internet, but there are just that "cheap" and have no spiritual significance. Bearlanders is proud to sell the highest quality dreamcatchers made in America. All of our dreamcatchers are crafted by Navajo Indians, all are made of leather, each has a certificate of authenticity and legend attached, all in a variety of sizes and colors.

Dream Catcher Jewelry.
We also offer a selection of jewelry that features a dream catcher as a focal point. One of our most beautiful dream catcher necklaces is made of sterling silver and a combination of faux turquoise and turquoise nuggets. This dream catcher has a stone of turquoise in the center of the web to ward off bad dreams. Dream catcher earrings are also a popular item. Stones of turquoise, amethyst, red jasper, or hematite make a beautiful one-of-a-kind gift for that special someone in your life. A combination of matching dream catcher earrings and necklace will be cherished for years to come.

Special Thanks to the Hit comedy "Happy Endings" for using our Dream catchers in the episode of "Meet the Parrots".

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The Dreamcatcher