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Bearlanders LLC jewelry & gifts, carries handcrafted Jewelry, Dream Catchers, Kachina Dolls and Carved Bears made by Native American Indians. Most merchandise will be shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity of the Artist who made that particular piece. We do not physically overlook the making of these pieces, therefore, we cannot guarantee that it is truly Indian-Made, as defined within the terms of the "Indian Arts and Crafts Law of 1990". On any items we did not buy directly from the artist who made the piece, we will not send a Certificate of Authenticity. Some items are made with components that are not made by Indians. Some items of jewelry are cast in a mold, with stonework added by Native Americans. Our hope and goal is to protect the wonderful arts and crafts of the Native American Indian, as well as to provide the highest level of customer service that we can. We have been in the retail industry for over forty-one years and have 13 years experience with E-Commerce. We hope and goal is that your shopping experience is enjoyable with Bearlanders LLC.



Bearlanders LLC, is committed to Customer Satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply return the unused item (not worn) within 30 days of purchase and we will refund the price you paid for the item, less any shipping costs, we do not refund any shipping costs. All orders over $100 will be charged a restock fee equivelant the shipping charges Bearlanders LLC incurred to ship the item to you. With Customer Satisfaction as our Number One Goal, We strive to make your shopping experience with us easy, safe and affordable!

More About Bearlanders LLC.com

Bearlanders LLC sells Dream Catchers made by an American Indian family (Navajo), each dream catcher is shipped with a certificate of Authenticity as well as spiritual meaning card. We refer to Indian jewelry, Native American jewelry and American Indian jewelry as jewelry that is handcrafted by several Indian artisans whom we personally purchase from. These Indian artists including Taina T, Eunice B, Mae S, Jeanette S and her sister Janice H, all located in the American Southwest. Our Indian jewelry will be shipped with a certificate of authenticity and/or a spiritual meaning card.

For over 28 years, we have had the opportunity to purchase Indian jewelry and American Indian gifts from the southwestern states. We offer many products from throughout the southwest, including Turquoise bracelets, Kokopelli jewelry, carved Bears of Alabaster or Jet, Dream Catchers, as well as Kachina Dolls. Among these items you will also find Indian bracelets, Sterling Silver with 12K Gold Filled Bracelets, Bear necklaces, Bear pendants and matching Bear Earrings.

Our Jewelry includes Bear jewelry, Dream Catcher jewelry, Turquoise jewelry, Southwest jewelry, Indian Earrings, Sterling Silver jewelry, Men's jewelry, Navajo Indian jewelry and Storyteller Bracelets. The American Indian jewelry carried at Bearlanders llc was made in America, with many pieces of jewelry produced by the Navajo (Dine`) Indians, made using Sterling Silver, Liquid Silver and semi-precious gem stones.

Our goal over the past 11 years has been to bring American Indian jewelry and gifts to the public at a reasonable price. We have designed an easy to navigate shopping site where you can purchase Southwestern gifts like the Kachina doll and Sand paintings or Indian jewelry, crafted in both traditional as well as a modern motif. We hope you enjoy shopping with Bearlanders LLC jewelry and gifts.

Most jewelry orders are shipped to you in a Free Gift Box, excellent for gift giving! We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover.

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Rating: Excellent
"I am thrilled at both the promptness and professionalism of this company and the quality of my purchase is exactly what I had been searching for. I would definately recommend Bearlanders to anyone. Thank you!" Kate ---------------------------------------------------
Rating: Excellent
"Excellent Yahoo merchant!! Prompt replies to my emails and FAST shipment of the owl kachina. Thanks!!!!!" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Rating: Excellent
"Excellent jewelry I am very pleased with the item that I purchased. I will do more with them in the future." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Rating: Excellent
"I have been ordering merchandise form BearlandersTrading about a year now......their selection is terrific and when they give you a shipping date, they are so on time that my items have been here even a day before! Im thrilled with this company. Also, I just want to add, so many others have complimented me on these items of purchase, and yes, I do tell them of the company. Thank You, BearlandersTrading Co!"

American Indian Jewelry
American Indian jewelry is often inlaid with stones felt to have healing powers or bring good luck. The exquisite handcrafted jewelry at Bearlanders is some of the finest in the Southwest, made primarily by Native American artisans in Arizona and New Mexico. With care and precision, each piece is crafted with great significance. The enduring beauty of sterling silver combined with a variety of semi-precious stones makes each piece truly a work of art.

Each piece of American Indian jewelry we offer is handmade, which means it is unique. Some pieces seen on our website may not be the exact piece you receive when purchased. A slight variation in the size of the stone or shape of a cut only makes each piece more special. We do our best to insure that the photo you see on site is a good representation of the item you receive. With thousands of satisfies customers and a money back guarentee, you will enjoy the merchandise you purchase from our store/site. All of our jewelry comes with a card explaining its spiritual meaning and/or a certificate of authenticity.

Styles of American Indian Jewelry at BearlandersLLC
American Indian jewelry is often crafted in the shape of an animal or other object thought to bring good luck. Many of our items feature bears - The Bear is considered to be one of the most powerful and sacred of all animals, according to American Indian tradition. Wearing a piece of bear jewelry is said to bring the gift of renewal. Squash blossom jewelry is frequently used for protection. Turquoise, a common component of American Indian jewelry, is believed to bring good luck and is used in healing. For centuries, red coral has also been used as a healing agent to help with blocked circulation.

One of our best-selling items is a sterling silver pendant featuring the fun-loving Kokopelli. Kokopelli is the name of the prehistoric deity found in petroglyphs in the Southwest, depicted as a slightly humpbacked figure playing a flute. The kokopelli represents everything from fun and frolic, to fertility and music, the image of Kokopelli is quite popular in jewelry, clothing, and artwork. We also offer finely crafted cuff-style bracelets made of sterling silver with turquoise stones. Both men and women will enjoy wearing these stunning pieces. We also carry a wide range of jewelry that is crafted for boys and girls. To view some of our handcrafted American Indian jewelry <- Click here.

STORY TELLER: Through the Storyteller, Capture a glimpse of the Native American Indian Heritage. Through out history, the story of mans' life and achievements has been passed down through the art and picturework of Storytelling or a Storyteller. Storytelling has been a part of American Indian Heritage as well. The Storyteller Bracelet allows you to enjoy the story, with its Hogans, Horses, Mountains, Animals, and Native American Indians. Each Storyteller pendant, bracelet and ring tells a different story and allows your imagination to flow. Copyright Tarl Michael, www.Bearlandersllc.com

Kachina - pronounced (kuh CHEE' nah). Kachina Dolls are carved wooden figures, originally made from the cottonwood root. Many are still crafted from pine or cottonwood. Kachina Dolls are spiritual messengers thought to bring blessings. The Kachina doll was originally made for religious and educational purposes, helping the children learn about the spirits and messages of the Gods. Kachina's are not considered Gods, but spirit messangers thought to petition the Gods to help in all areas of American Indians way of life. Including bringing rain for agriculture, pray (animals) for food, and peace and prosperity to the tribe. Each Kachina Doll we carry is assembled by hand and hand painted and has slightly different accessories and clothing. There are over 250 Kachina dolls representing spirits of various things encountered in the daily lives of the Indians.

Our Shalako kachina dolls are made from cottonwood root, we purchased a large quantity of them from the American Indian who crafted them, so our price on these dolls is half of what most sell for. Many of the other Kachina dolls we sell are made of various types of wood and initialed by the Navajo who crafted the Kachina doll. This allows us to bring a unique piece of Native American art to the public at affordable prices.

For centuries, different tribes have made Kachina Dolls to use in religious ceremonies. The term "Kachina" refers to a masked and costumed dancer representing various spiritual and natural aspects of life. Kachinas are friends, guardians, or messengers to the Gods. They are believed to have supernatural powers, bestow blessings and nurture life. Kachina dolls carved from the cottonwood root were originally presented to the women and children of the tribe but now are made for others to enjoy. All kachina impersonations are performed by males, including the figures representing female Kachinas.

Kachinas have become a part of many cultures and religions. A kachina is simply a spirit that represents animals, characterizations of people, crops, sun, earth, stars and the moon. For the Navajo People, kachina dolls mean more than just representations; they are a way of life, Navajo Tribes have adopted the tradition of crafting and using kachina dolls as their own. Navajo kachina dolls have become as much of a collectible as the fine jewelry, rugs, pottery and the countless other crafts which the Navajo make. The Navajo People are well-known for their outstanding artistic talents, which seem to be present throughout a large number of Navajo families.

The Navajo kachina doll derives from Hopi and Zuni kachinas and being that all of these reservations are very close to one another, especially the Hopi and Navajo which are side by side, it seems that each Tribe has (in some way) adopted each other's traditions whether it be kachina dolls, weavings, pottery, or jewelry. We hope to inform collectors about Navajo kachina dolls, and explain why they are so important to the Navajo People, not only as income for their family, but we know that the artists who make these wonderful dolls hold a great deal of respect for the kachina and what each doll represents.

Many dolls which look identical may have a different name. And many of the dolls that look entirely different may have the same name. This all depends on the person who created the individual doll. Each Kachina Doll is initialled by the artist who created it. Each Kachina Doll is assembled by hand and is hand painted, and has different accessories and clothing, and there may be a slight variation between the dolls pictured and those received when ordering.

Sand Paintings, Once A Sacred American Indian Tradition, Now A Treasured Art!

Sand painting has its origin in the healing ceremony of the American Indian's Medicine Man. The Medicine Man would lie an injured, sick or troubled tribe member on the ground and create a picture using colored sand around the person. The sick or injured person was at the center of the painting, in an attempt to draw out what ever was causing the infirmed persons problem. Once the Medicine man was finished with his work of creating his image, or 'sand painting', members of the tribe would remove the sick person and the images in the sand would be destroyed, in an attempt to destroy whatever was ailing the person.

In modern society, sandpaintings have become a work of art. Sand paintings add beauty and mystique to any room in your home. They also make excellent gifts for family and friends. Our Sandpaintings are signed or initialed by the Artist who created the item. Many paintings have the Artists picture on the back as well.

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